The Section of Surgical Oncology at Washington University School of Medicine welcomes the opportunity to assist you in providing the most advanced medical care for your patients.

Washington University surgical oncologists are board-certified and offer the full spectrum of treatment for patients with diseases of the breast, including breast cancer, and of the endocrine system (the adrenal glands, pancreas, parathyroid, thyroid and other endocrine organs). We are recognized nationally as leaders in the treatment of thyroid and parathyroid disease and also treat disorders of the spleen, gastrointestinal cancers, melanoma and sarcoma.

We function best in working with you as a partner in your patients’ care. Please call upon us whenever we may be of service.

For physician referrals, please call:

  • Appointments: (314) 747-7222
  • Toll Free: (866) 895-4875